HRP Binocular Loupe - Heine

HRP Binocular Loupe - Heine- Prismatic Optics.Only top-quality, precision glass prisms are used to provide the highest resolution and clearest, crispest images over the entire field of view "edge-to-edge".

- The Brightest Image in Perfect Colour.Our exclusive coating technology reduces light reflection to 0.3% allowing for optimum light transmission, and ensuring perfect colour reproduction for brilliant, 3-dimensional images.

- Compact Design.Although the higher magnification requires a more complex design, the weight of the HRP Loupes has been minimized. The 3.5x and 4x optics weigh only 78g, the 6x weighs only 89g. The headband mounting option is an ideal way to eliminate any weight concerns for those users not accustomed to wearing any type of glasses or spectacles.

- Dust and Water-Resistant.All HRP loupes are dust- and water-resistant to IP65/ IEC 60529 (2000) to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfection, and years of trouble-free use.

- Flexibility for Precise Adjustment.HRP loupes have independently-adjustable optics for selecting the exact inter-pupillary distance (PD). HRP loupes can be adjusted precisely for each user for optimum optical performance by means of a range of different mounting positions on either frame or headband.

- 3.5x Magnifi cation:3.5x magnifi cation makes the HRP 3.5x loupes ideal for intricate surgical procedures, while still giving an excellent fi eld of view and good depth of focus. The 420mm working distance is best suited for applications where the user is standing up.

- 4.0x Magnification:4.0x loupes provide magnification for most advanced microsurgical and dental applications yet still offer a large 50mm field of view. The 340mm working distance is ideal for applications where the user is in a sitting position.

- 6.0x Magnification:Here the focus is on maximum magnification, with a 40mm field of view. The 340 mm working distance is ideal for applications where the user is in a stable, sitting position.

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