Omega 500 Head Band - Heine Heine Ophthalmics

Omega 500 Head Band - Heine- Articulating Hinge provides vertical adjustment of the rear band of the headband for individual placement. Secure and perfect fit for all shapes and sizes.

- New Ergonomic design for optimal weight transfer across the surface of the entire headband (no pressure points).

- New softer, more malleable material.Provides even and comfortable fit of the headband.

- Calibrated Overband Position ensures optics are in true horizontal position for precise adjustment and alignment.

- Integrated cables in overband eliminates the usual "cable loop" from instrument to headband.

- HC 50 Headband Rheostat:Easily mounted on the left or right sides of the headband.

- Integrated fl ip-up adjustment:To raise optics out of the line of sight. Can be mounted on the left or right side of the headband. Optics can be fl ipped and locked at 0,12.5,47.5,60 degrees.

- Mechanically reinforced adjustment mechanisms:For durability and precise adjustment of the headband.

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