Omega 500 unplugged - Heine Heine Ophthalmics

Omega 500 unplugged - Heine- Rechargeable battery integrated on the headband.No interfering cable connections.

- Lightweight with balanced weight distribution.High level of comfort. Lightweight and compact.

- LED charge status indicator.LED indication of remaining operating time.

- Can be recharged by wall- or plug-in transformer.

- Direct operation possible while charging through the use of the mobile plug-in transformer.

- Charging time: 2 hours.

- mPack UNPLUGGED rechargeable battery.Operating time 2 hours (with standard lamp 6V, 5W).

- Top safety standards.Integrated charge and performance checks during operation. Lithium polymer technology (selected non-flammable materials). UL-compliant.

- System compatibility with mPack for even greater capacity.

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