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Clearchart 2 - Reichert Featuring a 19 inch, high-resolution LCD flat panel display, and weighing only 11.25 pounds, the ClearChart 2 is easily mounted to any wall. The custom designed LINUX system is free of fans and hard disk drives, allowing for silent, dependable operation in the exam room. ClearChart 2's convenient, infrared remote control enables effortless access to all tests from virtually anywhere in the room..

ClearChart 2 enhances the refraction experience for both the doctor and patient. The bright, high-contrast display enables procedures to be performed with the lights on or off. The easy to use remote allows the examiner to switch exam screens, exam modes, and access slides to help educate the patient, by merely pressing a button.

ClearChart 2 incorporates all the features and functionality you need for effective and efficient visual acuity testing.

- Large range of optotypes and tests
- Random sequencing of optotypes
- Contrast acuity and sine-wave grating contrast sensitivity testing
- Cartoon loop with sound for pediatric fixation
- Adjustable red/Green for compatibility with any refracton system
-Configure for direct or mirrored viewing.
- Complies with ETDRS protocol
- Patient Education slides

Optotypes can be displayed in Snellen, Snellen Metric and Logmar Progressions, and range in size from 10 to 400 on the Snellen scale. The selection of optotypes includes seventeen and eight letter sets, the Sloan letter set, numbers, landolt C, tumbling Es, children’s shapes and Allen symbols. Optotypes can be presented in single letter, single line (horizontal or vertical), multiple lines, and in descending size. Red/Green color adjustment is available in the start-up menu mode.

Charts used specifically for astigmatism, disparity and contrast sensitivity testing can be easily accessed using the remote. The ETDRS testing mode presents Sloan optotypes in Logmar progression. ClearChart 2 is clearly your best choice for a wide range of acuity testing options, all at the touch of a button.

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