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Octopus® 300 - Haag StreitHaag Streit Ophthalmics

Octopus® 300 - Haag Streit The office Perimeter

The Octopus 300 is the compact perimeter for every glaucoma practice. It even fits in a corner and produces accurate results without a dark room.

- The Glaucoma Perimeter: Standard Perimetry, SWAP and Flicker testing
- Fastest Test Strategy: Full threshold examination within 2:30 minutes
- Reliability: True fixation control and automated Eye Tracking
- Networkability: Ethernet connection and EMR interface

White/White, Blue/Yellow and Flicker Perimetry
The Octopus 300 Pro covers the whole range of glaucoma detection and follow up with standard white/white perimetry, blue/yellow (SWAP - Short wavelength automated perimetry) and Flicker perimetry for early detection plus low vision programs for end stage testing.

Reliability with fixation control
Displacements and blinks influence the examination in realtime. If a stimulus presentation interferes with a blink, the corresponding response is ignored and the same stimulus presentation repeated later in the test.

Speed up with Automated Eye Tracking
Automated Eye Tracking - AET - readjusts the patients position every time the patient moves too far from the center of the refractive lens. Therefore, AET minimizes the risk for lens rim artefacts and saves time by minimizing the need for examiner interventions.

Ergonomic design
The Octopus 300 convinces with many thought out details, as for example the non-contact sensors that detect which eye is being examined, a slightly downward viewing angle for enhanced patient comfort and an optical system that permits testing in lighted rooms.

Flexible configuration
The Octopus 300 examiner screen can be placed to the left, opposite or to the right of the patient. The instrument is always complete. If you buy the Octopus 300 Basic, you can at any time add options until you have the full Pro functionality.