IM 900® Imaging Module - Haag StreitHaag Streit  Ophthalmic

BX 900® Slit Lamp - Haag Streit - Easy intuitive imaging
- Still imaging and high resolution video
- FreezeTechnology – high speed capture and data transfer
- Easy Touch – precise image-control
- DFC – depth of field control
- History Trigger – never miss the perfect image
- Compact

Imaging Module IM 900® is the fully integrated compact imaging solution for the BQ 900 slit lamp. Combination of the IM 900® with EyeCap™ or EyeSuite™ Imaging completes the perfect imaging system.

Freeze Technology
Captures at the precise moment you press the trigger.

History Trigger
Rewind time and freeze the moment: The history trigger not only captures one image but records the last few seconds in real time and lets you return to select the optimum image.

Easy Touch
Control the image: Easy touch more than just a trigger, allowing simple, ergonomic management of the camera settings.

Depth of Field Control (DFC)
True aperture: A unique feature of the Haag-Streit imaging systems, facilitating complete control of the depth of field.

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