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4200 Series Pneumatic Exam Stool - RelianceHaag Streit - Reliance Ophthalmic

4200 Series Pneumatic Exam Stool - RelianceCall-in Backup

- Pneumatic raising and lowering with lever located underneath the seat with five-legged base.

- With 15" round seat and tilting adjustable back.

Adjustable Backrest
The 4246 comes with an adjustable, tilted and upholstered backrest. Horizontal and vertical tailor the stool to an ergonomic fit.

Height Adjustment
Stool height adjusts via a lever located under the seat. To raise stool, ease weight off and a pneumatic assist will raise the seat. Lift up ring, and the stool gently descends to the desired height.

All 4200 Series Stools have five legs to distribute weight evenly and ensure stability. The circumference of the base exceeds that of the seat to maintain stability in the sit-stand position.