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500 Series Stool - RelianceHaag Streit - Reliance Ophthalmic

500 Series Stool - RelianceStability for Surgery

- Hydraulic raising and lowering with foot pedal with five legged base. With 15" round seat and individual adjustable rests and tilting adjustable back.

Designed for optimal stability during the most delicate surgery.

Floor lock
A specially designed floor lock to prevent chair movement during surgical procedures is optional on all models except the 558 (standard).

Hands-free adjustment
Foot lever adjust stool without breaking sterile field.

Seat adjustment
Lock stool seat swivel by lifting foot pedal. The angle of the arms adjusts along the horizontal axis then rotates to rear at the completion of the procedure.

Choice of Three Heights
Standard height elevates from 17" to 25" above the floor. Medium seat height for surgical use is 20 1/2" to 28". High seat height is 24" to 31 1/2".*

* The 558 is a specialty stool offering standard heights from 21 to 28 ½ " above the floor. Medium seat height for 558 use is 24 to 31 ½". High seat height is 27 to 34".