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iPacĀ® Pachymeter - ReichertHeine Ophthalmics

HR Binocular Loupe - HeineOnly the iPac Pachymeter provides the most accurate CCT measurements by identifying a greater variety of patient statistics during the measurement process. Advanced Signal Processing converts patient data into custom algorithms that yield only the most accurate measurement.

The intuitive user interface, accessed through a single 5-way button, makes setup easy. You can customize the color display to show IOP correction, standard deviation and L/R or OD/OS notation in seconds. With your pre-programmed user settings, exams become more efficient for you and more comfortable for your patients.

iPac Pachymeter Features:

- Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity- Send measurement data directly to your EMR system or Bluetooth compatible printer.
- One Button Control - All functions are easily accessed through a single, 5-way control button.
- Rotating Color LCD - Large, easy to read display automatically rotates to any viewing orientation.
- Avanced Battery Technology - Rechargeable lithium ion battery keeps the iPac ready to use. Power-up with the USB cable (included) or Charging Cradle (optional).
- Intuitive User Interface - Easy set-up allows you to quickly customize personal performance needs.
- Ergonomic Design - Lightweight, balanced design fits comfortably in your hand.
- 3 Year Warranty- Industry leading 3 year warranty gives you peace of mind.
- ADA Eligibility- Purchase of your iPac may qualify
you for ADA tax benefits.

Item number: ASAON16-040

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